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Now, more than ever, it’s beneficial to bring your coins to a coin shop and not a jewelry store. Silver and Gold values are going up, and collector values are on the rise!

Since opening our doors in 1959, we have built an unprecedented customer base. These collectors and investors are lined up to buy gold and silver. Due to recent economic conditions, demand continues to outstrip supply and we expect these shortages to continue.

This may be your best chance to cash in while precious metal values are through the roof, and rare coins are the hottest they’ve been in decades!

Hyatt Coin Shop will pay you the most, because we always check the collector value of your coins. Come to the experts at Hyatt Coin Shop and get the money you deserve!

We use LIVE spot pricing data from the exchanges to determine the value of your bullion. So you’re assured of getting the best pricing for your precious metals, whether it be bullion, jewelry, flatware or other scrap items.

Not sure if you want to sell? Come in for a free appraisal. There’s no risk, and we think you’ll love what you see.

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